Tumblr more loved than Twitter and Facebook on Twitter and Facebook

Written on:December 6, 2011
Tumblr, the brainchild of pint-sized youngster David Karp, is the most loved blogging platform on social media, according to Amplicate. 79% of all opinions posted on social media about the micro-blogging site were positive, with many comments claiming the four-year old site surpasses its elder brethren Twitter and Facebook. 

Opinions on blogging platforms were generally very positive, with 77% of all opinions expressing love for the sites that allow them to express their love.

Only one site managed to generate considerable ire against blogging. Blogger was the most hated blogging platform on social media, with 62% of opinions complaining strongly about Google’s blogging service. MovableType had a higher percentage of negative opinions than Blogger but far fewer comments were posted about the Six Apart-owned blogware.

More data and details about consumers’ opinions on blogging platforms on social media will be forthcoming shortly when Amplicate publishes its new report Public Opinion on Blogging Platforms on Social Media. Contact us for more details.

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