Top 5 Topics on Social Media this week

Written on:May 27, 2011

What everyone is Loving and Hating on Social Media

Chris Brown
Rumours have been circulating that the R&B singer is back with his superstar ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
91% of people Love Chris Brown
4,027 new opinions this week
American Idol
With a record-breaking 122 million votes cast, the winner of American Idol season 10 was Scotty McCreery.
50% of people Love American Idol
2,882 new opinions this week
Bon Jovi
Thirty-one years into their career, the eponymous rock band’s sold-out concerts have been met with good reviews this week.
93% of people Love Bon Jovi
3,162 new opinions this week
The online community is buzzing this week with speculation about the forthcoming Apple iPhone 5.
69% of people Hate iPhone
2,101 new opinions this week
Coffee fans are in a flurry about the 17 percent price-hike announced this week.
87% of people Love Starbucks
2,101 new opinions this week

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