Top 5 Topics on Social Media this week

Written on:August 5, 2011

Selena Gomez

The young starlet is currently dating heartthrob Justin Bieber, who is in the spirit of support (and promotion) surprising her and her fans by popping up on stage on her shows.

81 percent of users love Selena Gomez.

7936 new opinions this week.



In the week passed the media had an option of predicting yet another doomsday, this time curtsey of America and its massive deficit.

58 percent of users love America.

4591 new opinions this week.


Jersey Shore

The reality show about the Jersey Shore kids premiered its fourth season this week. Many are appalled, but many more are (still) watching.

75 percent of users love Jersey Shore.

3913 new opinions this week.



With the beginning of August the big Muslim holiday Ramadan started. Those who celebrate will spend the month fasting from dawn till sundown and adhering to the five pillars of Islam.

3263 new opinions this week.

93 percent of users love Ramadan.


Barack Obama

The American president celebrated his 50th birthday this week.

3263 new opinions this week.

51 percent of users love Barack Obama.

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