Top 5 Topics on Social Media this week

Written on:July 1, 2011
What everyone is Loving and Hating on Social Media

Justin Bieber
The cult-status teen star this week announced that he is working on his next album.

79 percent of people Love Justin Bieber
73,570 new opinions this week
Japan is bracing itself for a hot summer with the announcement of government-imposed limits take effect aiming to cut electricity consumption by 15 percent in the Tokyo and Tohoku regions.

94 percent of people Love Japan
1,561 new opinions this week
The roll-out of Google’s latest social networking venture, Google Plus, appeared to hit an early snag last night as desperate users sought to obtain an invite to the limited-capacity service.

80 percent of people Love Google
2,797 new opinions this week
Britney Spears
The pop-artist’s current US tour for the newly realised Femme Fatale album has been described as “her raunchiest yet” and has been met with rave reviews.

95 percent of people Love Britney Spears
1,186 new opinions this week
The online community has been swept with tennis fever as a result of some close matches on the courts at Wimbledon 2011.

79 percent of people Love Tennis
2,005 new opinions this week

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