The Vampire Diaries Is the Most Loved TV Series in Social Media

Written on:February 9, 2011

While Not Everybody Loves Raymond, According to

NEW YORK, NY, February 9, 2011 - The Vampire Diaries (CW Network) is the most loved TV series in the United States, according to Amplicate, an online-opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 65 million public opinions of social media users.

With a positive rating of 96 percent percent as expressed on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate, over 10,829 opinions were made about Vampire Diaries over the past 3 months.

Also among others scoring highly in the most favored list were Modern Family (ABC), The Big Bang Theory (CBS) and Pretty Little Liars (ABC), all rating above 95 percent in positive opinion.

On the other hand, among those who ranked lowest in the category were 30 Rock (NBC), Two and a Half Men (CBS) and Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS), who took the lowest position in the top 20.

Amplicate ranks the most discussed US TV Series to show how the top 20 compare against each other in terms of public love, reach and absolute opinion. The service also publishes rankings and real opinions for over 240 thousand topics.

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