Social Media Users Love Luxury Cars, Especially German Ones

Written on:November 7, 2011
As Amplicate data shows, social media users on occasion can be a pretty negative bunch. But one thing social media users certainly are not grumbling about is luxury cars. 77% of opinions on luxury cars in the last 12 months were positive, with the German powerhouses, Mercedes and Audi, receiving the most love, Amplicate found

Social media users had almost nothing negative to say about Audi, with 85% of comments expressing love for the German car maker. Audi fans loved the experience of driving cars like the Quattro and R8 (if they were lucky enough to get their hands on them). Their only grumble about the brand was with its drivers rather than with the cars themselves.

Of the major luxury car brands, only Mercedes was more loved than Audi. 86% of opinions on Mercedes were positive over the last 12 months. Ferrari, on the other hand, very surprisingly, was the most hated luxury car brand. 46% of social media comments on Ferrari were negative over the 12 months. But much, if not most, of the criticism of the Italian car maker had more to do with its Formula One team than its super-sleek, super-sexy sports cars.

That social media users love luxury cars may not be surprising. Who doesn’t love a fast, beautiful-looking car? What is surprising is that social media users who posted negative comments about luxury cars were far more influential than the fans. The average critic of luxury cars had more than four times as many friends and followers as the average fan of luxury cars in the last 12 months.

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