Social media’s falling out of love with Foursquare

Written on:January 24, 2012

Foursquare’s star on social media is declining: in 2011 the firm was the least loved of major digital media startups. 49% of opinions on the service were negative over the year, in part thanks to a jokey Christmas jingle tweet that made the rounds across Twitter.

The chief complaint against the check-in service? Checking-in. Alerting everyone that you’re in a cafe or restaurant was to some ‘boring’, ‘stupid’, and ‘annoying’.

But it wasn’t as boring, stupid and annoying to others as badoo, Zoosk or meebo. These startups received considerably worse ratings from social media users. But there were far fewer opinions on these startups. Thanks to which, Foursquare earned its title of most unloved digital media startup.

Dropbox by a massive margin took home the prize of most loved startup. 99% of opinions on the cloud storage service were positive. Social media users posted over 100,000 positive comments on the service, making it the second most talked about startup on social media after Tumblr which generated over 150,000 positive and negative opinions.

For more information on how digital media startups performed on social media in 2011, see Amplicate’s new report ‘Public Opinion on Digital Media Startups on Social Media in 2011’, which tells you what social media users said about the hottest tech startups, when and where they said it and why.

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