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Written on:January 5, 2010

It’s been a wild ride since we opened our service back in August. A lot has changed since then but we’ve kept the same mission: Listen to what people are shouting about publicly and bring it all together to create a collective voice that has a better opportunity to be heard.

Amplicate: Making your opinion count

In just over 6 months, you (over 3 million people) have shared your opinions (over 9 million of them!) on all sorts of different subjects (over 100,000 topics)

Often out of that a common message arises that gets amplified.  For instance you are clearly frustrated with Comcast’s service, outraged with Nestle as a corporate citizen, but you love ChatrouletteNick Clegg and Justin Bieber.
We’re still working to get it totally right, and there’s been legitimate criticism on our categorization, and language processing (not easy with 140 characters).  But we figure if we stick to our core principles of being Open, Fair and Consistent - over time we’ll get there.

We have appeared in many of your blogsUbuntu RocksAbout Ryanair and Google Buzz and even on Greenpeace’s blog.

We have received threats (mostly from corporate legal and PR departments).

But most of all we have received a lot of love and criticism. We appreciate them both! This is just starting and those opinions help us to provide a better service.


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