New Search: Now Find More Topics

Written on:August 12, 2010

Our mission is to provide a place for you to comment on any product, service or issue you care about.

And we’ve achieved a lot since we started: there are now more than 245 000 topics available with more than 29 million comments on Amplicate, and we keep on growing fast!

Although, this creates a very interesting challenge: keeping Amplicate simple while allowing you to find what you are looking for.

Today we have good news: We are rolling out an improved search.


With the new search you will now be able to:

  • Find more and more relevant topics, categories and users:
    See all the opinions on Comcast
    What are the latest topics involving vampires?
  • Find related content:
    Want to know opinions about Canadian Singers ?
    What do people think about Social Networks ?
  • You can also see the current overall opinion for each of the results:
    Which do you think is the most popular Google Product ?
    What’s the overall opinion about your favourite Airline ?

A word of warning: We have already spent many hours finding interesting comments on Amplicate. Don’t get addicted :)

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