Nadal is the people’s champion, both online and on the courts

Written on:June 21, 2011

Social Media Spotlight On: Rafael Nadal

NEW YORK – With the reigning men’s champion Rafael Nadal already securing his place in the second round of the 125th Wimbledon Championships with a win over Michael Russell, it’s no surprise that the star player is not only scoring some impressive points on the courts, but also the support of the online community.

Nadal has a public approval rating of 77 percent with nearly 2 thousand positive opinions left on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate, during the last 3 months alone.

Rafael Nadal : Sentiment trend in the last 12 months

Nadal has had the most notable spikes in positive opinions during the US Open 2010 (September) and in the lead-up to Wimbledon 2011 (May) showing that his online support base is always strongest around the months in which he competes.

What Amplicate’s users think of Rafael Nadal:

The Best of Rafael Nadal:
- Nadal has brought a new calibre of skills to the game.
- Tennis is experiencing a new wave of support due to his widespread fan-base.
- Nadal is a always humble about his success, unlike many others in the profession.
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The Worst of Rafael Nadal:
- The media-craze that surrounds him far surpasses his talent.
- Nadal is more valued for his looks than his actual skill.
- His swing is powerful but violent, taking the grace out of the game.
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Highest rated opinions:

“Rafa is so down to earth, always humble and with class. He always has a smile on his face and does so much for so many people. True Number 1 player in the world…” Read all

“Rafa is The King of Tennis.” Read all

“Illegal coaching, injury dramas, time violations, poor serve, 1-dimensional game, only power game, no technique, grunting, excuses, bad behavior on court, arrogance on court…Rafael Nadal.” Read all

“He’s always jumping, screaming and pumping his fist after winning…His service and swing is only powerful, but ugly. And his muscles are too big for tennis.” Read all

What’s your take on this? Do you Love or Hate Rafael Nadal?

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