Music buffs hate auto-tune

Written on:July 26, 2011

NEW YORK – Introduced to the charts by Cher way back when in 1998 and widely adopted by pop artists everywhere in the past few years, auto-tune is a curse and a blessing at the same time. The blessed ones in this case are those who can’t hit a pitch to save their life, as autotune can make anything sound like some sort of melody. The auto-tune however ruined music for anybody who actually values beautiful singing voices and quality music. This little technology gem has spread to every imaginable corner of the music business and hit songs created by nothing other than auto-tune are growing faster than mushrooms after a downpour.

Out of over 6000 collected opinions on the topic from various social media users, our data shows that 66 percent hate autotune. The reasons, as mentioned are that these users feel like auto-tune is doing nothing else than ruining music by making it possible for people who have no music talent at all to record and release tracks that quite frankly, the world could do without.

Billboard put together a list of the best (worst?) songs which would never happen if it wasn’t for the powers of auto-tune. On the list there are some classics like Daft Punk’s “One More Time” and the Kanye West dab at auto-tune with “Love Lockdown.” Both Kanye and the french electro duo didn’t pay auto-tune too much attention after releasing these tracks (or in Kanye’s case, an entire auto-tune inspired album). But there are also artists on that list who never really grasped the concept of art beyond auto-tune. We won’t name names, just take a peak at the list and everything should be pretty much self-explanatory.

However even though auto-tune can be annoying to listen to, as one of users correctly points out, it’s not the single one to blame for the state of music today. “The music industry has become completely corporatized and is no longer controlled by creative control. Instead its turned into one massive marketing scheme to create only whatever is cheap and extremely manipulative on the consumer,” he pointed out, opening up a whole other issue of the music industry becoming nothing but a mass production of hits and cookie-cutter stars.

Definitely an issue to think about more thoroughly. Was it the artists who turned the music industry into what any self righteous music buff would label a joke? Or was it the industry who turned itself into a factory of watered-down songs by pressuring artists to create more, but not always better? Or is it in fact just auto-tune’s fault? Tell us what you think.

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