Modern Family is Social Media’s Most Loved Comedy Series

Written on:May 18, 2011

Social Media users are hooked on Modern Family, while Entourage comes in at last place

NEW YORK, May 18Modern Family (DIS) has been ranked the most loved Comedy Series by overwhelming majority, while Entourage (TWX) has placed last in the Top 10.

Amplicate, an online opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 97 million public opinions of social media users, report that there has been over 7 thousand positive opinions about the series expressed on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate within the last 3 months.

Opinions on the show include comments on the realistic nature of plot lines, praise for the script writers and love for the characters. As one opinion stated, “[Modern Family] brings new meaning to the saying ‘Modern Family’ – it’s funny because it’s true. So many truths about the modern family web.”

While some opinions are negative, like those stating,“…The documentary style humor lacks subtlety, and the characters fail to be anything but stereotypical,” the series still has a love rating of 98 percent.

Also among the Most Loved were Desperate Housewives (DIS), How I Met Your Mother (CBS) and Californication (VIA), all scoring a love percentage of above 94 percent, leaving Entourage in the bottom spot with a love rating of 89 percent.

Amplicate ranks the most discussed Television Comedy Series to show how they compare against each other  in terms of public approval. The service also publishes rankings and real opinions for over 200 thousand topics.

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