Love for Gaming Consoles Heading South on Social Media

Written on:November 29, 2011
Social media users are falling out of love with their gaming consoles, Amplicate has found. While 64% of opinions on the leading gaming consoles were positive in the last 12 months, love is slowly turning to hate. 

Ever since the PSN hacking scandal in April, there have been more negative opinions than positive posted about gaming consoles on social media, with the XBox and Playstation consoles bearing the brunt of consumers’ distemper.

But despite Sony’s troubles, the Playstation 2 still managed to retain its title of the most loved gaming console on social media, with 92% of opinions expressing love for the console. However, the Nintendo DS, Sony’s close rival for the social media crown, retained its popularity in the last months of the 12, while the Playstation 2 saw its popularity drop off a cliff. If this pattern continues, expect the Nintendo DS to become the most loved console on social media before too long.

The Xbox 360 remained the least loved gaming console on social media, with only 50% of opinions on the Microsoft console expressing love.

For more details on consumers’ opinions of gaming consoles, see Amplicate’s updated report, Public Opinion on Gaming Consoles on Social Media.

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