Kim Kardashian struggles to Keep Up with wedding hype

Written on:June 23, 2011

Social Media Spotlight On: Kim Kardashian

NEW YORK – In the lead-up to the wedding that Kim Kardashian has claimed will be bigger than the Royal Wedding itself, the reality star is fluctuating in public approval.

Despite an impressive public approval rating of 84 percent, the star also has had the highest amount of negative opinions left on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate, since mid last year when she was in the midst of animal cruelty claims.

Kim Kardashian: Sentiment trend in the last 12 months

Kim has had the most notable spike in positive opinions during March of this year when her engagement to NBA player Kris Humphries was announced and shots of the 20.5 carat ring were released. She is currently having a rise in negative opinions in the lead-up to the wedding with reports of dramatic dieting and irresponsible remarks about weight loss gaining International media attention.

What Amplicate’s users think of Kim Kardashian:

The Best of Kim Kardashian:
- Kim Kardashian is a good role model for girls as she promotes a healthy body image.
- She is entertaining and witty in her remarks, as well as incredibly business savvy.
- Kim is by far the most lovable of the Kardashian sisters.
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The Worst of Kim Kardashian:
- Kim Kardashian was launched in stardom via a sex tape.
- She has been accused several times of animal cruelty.
- She continually flaunts and wastes huge sums of money that she could be putting towards a more worthy cause.
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Highest rated opinions:

“She’s also a good role model for girls because she embraces her curves and promotes a healthy lifestyle.” Read all

“She’s a complete babe. And so inspirational; her whole family is.” Read all

“She is a people-hating, elitist snob who’s famous for nothing.” Read all

“It is sad how she flaunts ring, all that money could have been given to some of the relief efforts around the country.” Read all

What’s your take on this? Do you Love or Hate Kim Kardashian?

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