Kate Middleton’s approval rises to all time high on Social Media

Written on:April 27, 2011

Princess-to-be scores a love rating of 91 percent online, according to Amplicate.com

NEW YORK, April 27 – In the lead up to the Royal Wedding, bride-to-be Kate Middleton is scoring well with the online community, improving her public love rating by almost 6 points in the last 3 months alone.

Amplicate, an online opinion collating resource that accounts for more than 87 million public opinions of social media users, reports over 250 opinions about Kate Middleton were expressed on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate within the past 3 months.

Comments on Miss Middleton include praise for the “future Queen” [sic], rumours about the big day and some lashings of criticism, as one opinion stated, “… Kate Middleton is a very poor role model for young women … Young women need to apply their education, achieve, learn to be independent financially and not base their lives around a man.”

Despite such comments, the awaiting Princess still has a love rating of 91 percent, putting her number seventh in the Top 10 Young Celebrities in the United KingdomLily Allen is number one in this ranking, followed by Leona Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe.

Amplicate ranks the most discussed Young Celebrities in the United Kingdom to show how they compare against each other in terms of public love, reach and absolute opinion. The service also publishes rankings and public opinions for over 200 thousand topics.

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