Angry Birds tops public love and download record

Written on:June 16, 2011

Social Media Spotlight On: Angry Birds

NEW YORK - With reports this week confirming that the total downloads for the Angry Birds across mobile platforms has now surpassed 250 million, it’s no surprise that the series is scoring incredibly well with the online community.
The application’s public approval rating is 75 percent with nearly 5 thousand positive opinions left on Twitter, Facebook and Amplicate, during the last 3 months alone.

Angry Birds has had a high spike in positive opinions throughout the last 4 months, during which developer company Rovio released a number a holiday-themed versions of the game. The game also won a number of awards and has released an in-browser version during this period.


What Amplicate’s users think of Angry Birds:

The Best of Angry Birds:
- Angry Birds is a simple concept, easy to understand and suitable for all ages
- It’s the best application on the mobile device market in terms graphics and content
- The idea behind the game is addictive and encourages users to want to play on
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The Worst of Angry Birds:
- A game of this kind has been done many times before
- Angry Birds is just a craze, it doesn’t deserve the status it currently has
- It’s yet another time-wasting application on the mobile market
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Highest rated opinions:

“While I’ve seen this type of game redone over and over since I was a kid, Rovio seem to have got something special here. I can’t put my finger on it though, maybe it was the best of it’s calibre to hit the mobile devices first. Or maybe it’s the apparently random choice of hurling birds that make strange noises at pigs! I love it regardless…” Read all

“It’s so addictive, I could play it for hours!” Read all

“Angry Birds is a waste of time that never should of become a popular app, let alone a in-browser device! It’s a fad gone wrong.” Read all


What’s your take on this? Do you Love or Hate Angry Birds?

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