Amazon is playing with the big boys

Written on:August 16, 2011

NEW YORK – These days people buy everything from their shoes to their groceries on the internet. It’s quick and often cheaper than retail purchasing, so why not? Plus it’s way more fun clicking through a purchase from the comfort of your bed then dealing with going to the shops, queuing, finding a parking space and so on and so forth. Therefore it’s no wonder that online shopping sites are springing up everywhere and still gaining popularity. One of the most successful online selling sites according to Amplicate data is Amazon. It is also number two on the Electronic Retailers in UK chart, placing only behind Best Buy.

The overall sentiment about Amazon and its products among social media users is 74 percent positive. Over 24,000 opinions collected on Amplicate, Facebook and Twitter are positive. With all those positive opinions, Amazon also made it to the top 5 of the Most Influential Internet Services and Most Visited Websites of 2010. On those lists are websites like Google, Twitter and Youtube, all without a doubt online heavyweights. It is possible that the reason Amazon is playing in the big leagues is the introduction of Kindle, their tablet specially designed for reading books. The barely one year old Kindle collected 72 percent of positive opinions in it’s first 12 months on the market, but might have boosted the overall Amazon experience as data for 2011 show the number of positive opinions slightly went up when compared to 2010.

Amplicate users praise Amazon for their expediency, effectiveness and pricing. “If I want to buy something I check eBay and Amazon and Amazon often has a better price,” says one of our users. Another satisfied Amazon costumer wrote: “I received a wonderful service from Amazon. I ordered a Kindle for my daughters birthday just a week before and it arrived on time (in Italy).” It’s an interesting comparison that those who expressed negative opinions about Amazon on Amplicate are not only cross costumers, but rather publishers and people that work with the online company. Complaints are mostly targeted at lost shipments that never got delivered. “Once again the consumer gets ripped off. So sick of it,” says an unhappy Amplicate user.

There are always two sides to every story, so for each costumer that feels they got taken for a ride (that they themselves paid for) by Amazon, there are many more who are happy with the service the company is providing. As long as the numbers don’t change for the worse, Amazon can still pat itself on the back for doing a good job.

What do you think? Do you LOVE or HATE Amazon?



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